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SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                         TRITON DEHUMIDIFIER

SPECIFICATIONS                        TRITON        FEATURES                                  TRITON
                                                    MODEL NO.                              11393GR-US
Model No.                          11393GR-US       On / Off Control
Height                             29” (736mm)      Temperature Sensitive Defrost Control         
Width                              20” (508mm)      Compressor Type                               
Depth                              15” (381mm)      Fitted Mains Plug                          Rotary
Weight                             75 lbs (34kg)    Rugged Wheels                                 
Voltage                                             Hot Gas Defrost System                        
Phase                                   110 V       25’ Length Power Cord                         
Frequency                                  1        Epoxy Powder Coating                          
Current                                             Quite Operation                               
Power                                   60 Hz       Lightweight Compact Portable                  
Airflow                                  5A         Low Amp Draw                                  
Noise Level                                         Integral Condensate Pump                      
Refrigerant                             470W        Pump Purge Switch                             
Effective Volume               282cfm (476m3/hr)    Quick Release Hose Coupling                   
Typical Extraction                                  25’ Length of PVC Drain Hose                  
Minimum Operating Temperature          57 dba       Washable Filter                               
Maximum Operating Temperature          R407c                                                      
                               8,369 cu.ft (237m3)
                                       52 ppd
                                     33°F (1°C)
                                    95°F (35°C)


The EIPL Triton Professional Dehumidifier is the ideal unit for commercial and residential
work. Its compact size permits one man operation, yet has the capacity to handle several
room-size areas at a time. Best of all, it’s affordably priced within the budget of most
restoration specialists


• Rugged Wheels.

• Collapsible Handle for easy

• High efficiency rotary compressor.

• Extra long power cord (25’.)

• Temperature Sensitive Defrost
   control for optimum performance.

• EIPL’s unique “Hot Gas” defrosting
   feature which automatically melts
   away frost buildup providing
   effective operation at low ambient

• Rugged, epoxy powder-coated steel
   chassis and housing.

• Washable Air Filter.

• Simplicity of installation and
   operation with a standard 115V plug.

                               A FULL RANGE OF, HIGH CAPACITY, LOW TEMPERATURE
                                   DEHUMIDIFIERS FOR WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION
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