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      Process air is drawn into the  The silica gel wheel continually rotates.  PROCESS  DRY AIR OUT
      dehumidifier.                                                             AIR IN    WET AIR
                                     Regeneration air is heated to a high                 OUT
    Process air passes over a wheel  temperature and passed over a
   impregnated with silica gel.      segment of the wheel.

  The silica gel absorbs the         Silica gel releases the moisture from
 moisture from the air.              the wheel into the regeneration air.

Process air leaves the dehumidifier  Regeneration air leaves the
as warm dry air.                     dehumidifier as warm wet air and
                                     exhausted outside.

Applications                         DD200  Applications                                 DD200
Offices                                 4   Laboratories                                    4
Shops                                   4   Medical                                         4
Restaurants                             4   Food Industry                                   4
Warehouses                              4   Agriculture                                     4
Basements                               4   Cold Stores                                     4
Factories                               4   Hospitals                                       4
De-Flooding                             4   Hotels                                          4
Pharmaceutical                          4   Stadiums                                        4
Defense Industry                        4   Ships                                           4
Confectionary                           4

                                     YEARS OF SERVICE
 EIPL is Europe’s leading
  manufacturer of dehumidifiers      Over thirty seven years of development experience means
   and is a name you can rely on.    you can rely on the proven track record of the EIP range of
                                     dehumidifiers. Every dehumidifier is designed for efficiency
    No matter how extreme the        and ruggedness, and built to last. The popularity of EIP Ltd’s
     conditions EIPL’s efficiency    dehumidifiers with the plant hire trade speaks for their reliability,
      copes comfortably even at      portability and outstanding durability.

       the coldest temperatures.


The DD200 is the smallest desiccant dehumidifier within the EIPL range. Its compact, rugged,
 lightweight design facilitates easy transportation by one person and is easily accommodated within
   space restricted areas. The unit incorporates a PTC Heater ensuring maximum drying is immediately
     reached and constantly maintained while the unit is running.

                  In addition to the hours run meter, which shows the units running time, an ammeter is also
                    incorporated in order to monitor the units drying effectiveness. Manual / Automatic control is a
                                         standard feature within the DD range of desiccant dehumidifiers, and a remote
                                              humidistat can quickly and easily be connected for automatic operation
                                              and control.

                                     The EIP range of DD desiccant dehumidifiers are all manufactured from a
                                     high grade stainless steel, ensuring a rust free product when used in the
                                     most severe of applications The spigot connectors allow quick and easy

                                     All models incorporate a high efficiency patented PPS Rotor. This
                                          design incorporates a 82% active Silica Gel to ensure optimum
                                                performance over the equipments wide operating range of
                                                        environments. All desiccant rotors supplied by EIPL
                                                                 are washable, and designed for high
                                                                                performance / long life.

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