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SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                         DD300 DESICCANT DEHUMIDIFIER

SPECIFICATIONS                     10501SS-US        FEATURES                          10501SS-US
Height                            14.5” (370 mm)     On/Off Control                           
Width                             14.2” (360 mm)     Ammeter                                  
Depth                              17” (430 mm)      Electronic Controls                      
Weight                             44 lbs (20 kg)    Manual / Automatic Mode
Voltage                                              Selection                                
Current                                 110 V        Remote Humidity Sensor Facility          
Phase                                   12.4 A       Hours Run Meter                          
Frequency                                            Fitted Mains Plug                        1
Power                                      1         Fan Speeds                               
Process Airflow – Dry Air               60 Hz        High Capacity PTC Heater                 
Regen Airflow – Wet Air                 1.4 kW       Process / Regen Air Filter               
Process Duct Size – Dry Air    136 cfm (231 m3/hr)   Rubber Anti-Vibration Feet               
Regen Duct Size – Wet Air       42 cfm (71 m3/hr)    Single, Air Inlet Design                 
Rotor Wheel Speed (rph)             5” (130 mm)      Free Standing                            O
Noise Level                        2.75” (70 mm)     Humidistat                               
Typical Extraction @ 27°C 60%                        Carrying Handles                         
Min Operating Temperature                  20        Stainless Steel Construction             O
Max Operating Temperature              67 dba        Inlet Duct Attachments                   
                               69 ppd (32.6 lt/day)  High Temperature Safety Cut-outs
                                    -4 °F (-20°C)
                                   104 °F (40°C)


Dehumidifiers are required wherever there is a need to lower the humidity level to prevent corrosion,
mold growth and condensation or maintain a low humidity condition during manufacture, packaging
or storing of hygroscopic products.


Dehumidification is possible using two possible principles, Condensation with refrigeration style
dehumidifiers and Adsorption with desiccant dehumidifiers.

Desiccant dehumidifiers perform exceptionally well when used in cooler climates, or when a low
dew-point, deep drying or low humidity levels are required. Since desiccant dehumidifiers do not
produce water, they will work effectively down to sub zero temperatures.

Their operation is simplistic yet extremely effective and reliable.

Air (Process Air) is drawn into the dehumidifier, where is passes over a wheel impregnated with
Silica Gel. As the air passes over this wheel, any moisture present in the air is absorbed into the
Silica Gel wheel before leaving the dehumidifier as warm dry air.

The Silica Gel wheel is continually, slowly rotating,
typically at three revolutions per hour. As the
wheel rotates, a small portion passes through the
regeneration segment. During this phase a second
air stream (Regeneration Air) is heated to a high
temperature before passing over the wheel. Any
moisture present in the wheel is released into this
air stream; this hot wet air is then exhausted
outside the area being dried.


• Stainless Steel Construction
• Auto / Manual Mode Selection
• Electronic Controls
• High Capacity PTC Heater
• Remote Humidistat Facility
• Low Temperature Operation
• Ammeter

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