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SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                    CD30 & CD30E DEHUMIDIFIER

Specifications      CD30    CD30E            Features                                  CD30          CD30E
Model No.                                    Model No.                               1133500        1139550
Height              1133500 1139550          On/Off Control (Via The Humidistat)
                                             Electronic Defrost Control                                
Width               12.0”   12”              Temperature Sensitive Defrost                             
                                             Compressor Type                                           
Depth               (300mm) (300mm)          Fitted Mains Plug                    Reciprocating  Reciprocating
                                             Free Standing (Rubber Feet)
Weight              12.0”   14”                                                                        
                                             Wall Mounting Bracket                                     
Voltage             (304mm) (350mm)          ( = Inc, O = Optional)                      O             
Phase                                        Adjustable Control Humidistat
Frequency           22.0”   22”              Hot Gas Defrost System
Current                                      Hours Run Meter
Power               (550mm) (550mm)          Voltage Free Remote
Airflow                                      Alarm Connector
                    50 lbs  55lbs            Carrying Handles
Noise Level         (23kg)  (25kg)           Power On Indicator
Refrigerant                                  Concealed Humidistat
Effective Volume    110 V   110V             (Alarm & Control)
                                             Adjustable Alarm Humidistat
Typical Extraction  11                       Epoxy Powder Coating                 
Min Operating Temp                           Gravity Drain (1/2” O/D)             
Max Operating Temp  60 Hz   60 Hz                                                 -
                    4A 5A
                    480W    510W                                                  -
                      170cfm 170cfm
                    (287m3/hr) (287m3/hr)                                         -
                    47 dba  47 dba                                                

                    R134a   R134a

                    3,000 cu.ft 3,000 cu.ft

                    (85m3)  (85m3)

                    17 ppd  17 ppd

                    33°F (1°C) 33°F (1°C)

                    95°F (35°C) 95°F (35°C)


The EIPL CD30 and CD30E units are no-nonsense, heavy-duty, portable dehumidifiers which are at home in
hostile industrial or marine environments. Both models are ideal for both permanent installation in remote pump
stations, pipe galleries, electronic and mechanical equipment areas or for quick transport between job sites and
problem areas.

You can rely on this durable unit to perform faithfully without complicated maintenance or costly downtime.


• Adjustable control humidistat to maintain the level of dryness

• A convenient drain point for condensate collection of hose attachment

• EIP’s unique “Hot Gas” defrosting feature which automatically
   melts away frost buildup providing effective
   operation at low ambient temperatures

• Sturdy military-type carrying handles

• Totally enclosed coils in an epoxy-
   coated, heavy gauge steel case


• Adjustable Alarm Humidistat and
   “voltage free” connector

• Power On Indicator

• Hours Run Meter provides accurate run time

• Supplied Complete with wall mounting bracket

                                                         HIGH CAPACITY • LOW TEMPERATURE
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