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SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                              WM80 & WM150 DEHUMIDIFIER

Specifications          WM80         WM150      Features                             WM80        WM150
Model No.                                                                        10284GL-US  10285GL-US
Height              10284GL-US    10285GL-US    Model No.
                         19.4”         26.7”    On/Off Control                                     
Width                                           Electronic Defrost Control                         
                      (495mm)       (680mm)     Compressor Type                      Rotary  Reciprocating
Depth                    22.0”         31.8”    High Performance Cross-flow Fan                    
                                                Fitted Mains Plug                                  
Weight                (560mm)       (810mm)     Wall Mounting Bracket                              
                         11.4”          12”     Free Standing (Rubber Feet)                        
Voltage                                         Adjustable Control Humidistat                      
Phase                 (290mm)       (305mm)     Hot Gas Defrost System                              
Frequency              81.5 lbs       165lbs    Reverse Cycle Defrost System                       
Current                 (37kg)        (75kg)    Fan Speeds                              1            1
Power                   110 V          110V     Washable Air Filter                                
Airflow                                  1      Condensate Pump                                    
                           1          60 Hz     Power On Indicator                                 
Noise Level (dba)       60 Hz          13 A     Drying On Indicator                                
Refrigerant                           1.5kW     Defrost Indicator                                  
Effective Volume          8A         650cfm     Epoxy Powder Coating                               
Typical Extraction     360cfm     (1040m3/hr)
Minimum Operating    (600m3/hr)          58
Temperature (°F)
                           58         R407c
                        R407c     10,594 cu.ft
                     8,369 cu.ft
                      (200 m3)      (300 m3)
                       62 ppd        71 ppd
                     33°F (1°C)    33°F (1°C)


The EIPL WM range of dehumidifiers are an ideal solution for humidity control in a wide
variety of applications including offices, apartments, stores, restaurants, bars, salons,
museums, storerooms, computer and telecommunications rooms, garages, cellars and
animal enclosures. Its also great for spa rooms in homes or hotels / motels.


• Cross-flower blower style fan for efficient, quite operation
• Status / Mode Indicators
• Removable, washable air filters
• High Capacity Integral condensate pump
• High efficiency rotary compressor

• Robust Steel Construction
• Drainage facility from either end
• Low temperature operation
• Long power cord with

   molded plug

                                                  WAREHOUSES • FACTORIES • SPORTS HALLS
                                  STORAGE AREAS • AGRICULTURE • SHIPS • STADIUMS
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