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  The LD800 wood dryer has been designed for the small cabinet making shop, hobbyist, or other craftsman
  who requires quality kiln dried wood. The system is supplied complete and ready for installation in a small
 self built drying chamber. No additional equipment is normally required. Your EIPL drying consultant will
recommend dimensions of a suitable drying chamber that is matched exactly to your needs.

 SAVE MONEY                                                         RUNNING COSTS

  Typically, green wood is available for significantly less         The LD800 is inexpensive to run, because it is installed
 than half the price of kiln dried material. Considerable           in an insulated drying chamber. Typically it may
 savings can, therefore, be made by drying your own                 consume just 1Kw of energy every three hours of
wood, even after an allowance has been made for                     continuous running.
modest running costs. Users of the LD800 often recover
their investment within a few months of installation.               FLEXIBILITY

IMPROVE QUALITY                                                     The LD800 can dry combined loads of mixed species
                                                                    and mixed thickness boards without degrade. This
Complete control over drying means complete control                 means that inventories can be minimized, saving
over quality too. An LD800 enables the user to dry down             space and reducing your capital outlay.
 to the moisture content he needs, evenly and without
 degrade, throughout the whole stack.                               CONTROL

 PERFORMANCE                                                        The EIPL LD800 wood dryer is supplied complete with
                                                                    the STC1 Controller, and no additional equipment
   Designed to operate up to 113˚F (45˚C). The LD800                other than a moisture meter is normally necessary.
    can dry wood from green or air dried, to 6% moisture            To operate the system two controls must be set at the
     content if required. Drying times vary according to            beginning of the drying run, in accordance with our
                                                                    comprehensive instructions. Operation is then virtually
      species, board thickness and starting moisture                automatic.
       content. Your EIPL drying consultant will advise
        individual drying run times on a case-by-case               An electric thermometer measures the drying chamber
                                                                    and displays this information on the control box.
         basis. To insure the dried wood is of the highest
          quality, EIPL recommends a drying rate of 1%              The STC1 Controller is housed in a moisture resistant
            per day or less for 1” hardwood. Faster drying is       casing with a transparent hinged front cover.

             attainable with operating experience.                  AIRFLOW

                             INDEPENDENCE                           The airflow inside the chamber must be even to
                                                                    prevent temperature layering. The LD800 incorporates
                                           With your own drying     a powerful centrifugal fan. No additional fans are
                                           system you can exercise  normally required.
                                          wider options when
                                          purchasing lumber, and    FLEXIBLE DRYING
                                          reduce inventories. Dry
                                          what you want when you    With an LD800 you can dry as much or as little wood
                                          want it.                  as you need, hardwood or softwood. Because the
                                                                    LD800 works at low temperatures your wood is not
                                                                    “cooked” minimizing degrade and promoting a more
                                                                    attractive dried board.

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