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SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                LD3000 WOOD DRYER

SPECIFICATION                   33” (820mm)
                                43” (1070mm)
Height:                         12” (290mm)
Width:                          167lbs (76kg)
Depth:                          600CFM (1028m³/hr)
Weight:                         1100W
Airflow:                        1500W (Operates Intermittently)
Power Rating (dryer)            220V/60Hz/1ph -12 amps
Power Rating (heater)           122˚F (50˚C)
Power Requirements:             STC1 Controller (Supplied)
Maximum Operating Temperature:  Epoxy / Vinyl
Control:                        Stainless steel water collection tray for corrosion resistance.
Special Features:               Drying chamber temperature indicator.

                                Wall mounted to save space inside the drying chamber.


The EIPL LD3000 has been designed to dry the following maximum wood loads:

1” Hardwoods  3,000BF           (250 cu ft)
2” Hardwoods  5,150BF           (430 cu ft)
3” Hardwoods  8,875BF           (740 cu ft)

1” Softwoods  1,440BF           (120 cu ft)
2” Softwoods  3,240BF           (270 cu ft)
3” Softwoods  5,400BF           (450 cu ft)

EIPL will be pleased to discuss your precise drying needs on a case-by-case basis.


The LD3000 with the STC1 Controller and two supplementary fans are all you need to start drying wood.
The STC1 controller consists of a proportional timer to control the drying cycle and a thermostat to control
the heating cycle. Extra equipment such as venting units and supplementary heaters are normally not
required. The drying speed is controlled at a rate which will not cause degrade, therefore humidification
equipment is unnecessary.

                                             PRECISION DRYING THROUGH DEHUMIDIFICATION
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