Company Profile

EIPI is a member of the EIP Ltd Group, with it's headquarters in Bishop Auckland, England. EIPI, located in Newport News, Virginia, was opened in 1978 to server and support the North and South America markets. EIP Ltd also have offices in Berlin, and overseas agents in Spain, France, Hong Kong, Singapore. With over 27 product lines, EIPL specialises in providing pre-engineered dehumidification solutions for military, industrial and commercial applications.


The North American market segments are categorised as follows:-

Cleaning and Restoration - A wide variety of portable dehumidifiers used to dry rooms and materials after water damage has occurred.

Rental - Rugged portable and semi-permanent dehumidifiers made available to the public through national tool rental companies.

HVAC - Moisture removal and air quality solutions including pool, industrial processes, archival storage, commercial and municipal applications.

Wood Drying Kilns - A complete line of small to medium sized drying equipment for hobbyists, woodworkers and commercial lumber companies.


EIPL strives to provide the highest quality product, service and application engineering support to each one of its diversified market segments. An active, ongoing research and development program insures that EIPL clients are supplied with the latest and most cost effective moisture removal solutions.


Company Philosophy

Mission Statement

To grow profitably by identifying markets in which our core strengths mean we can meet customer needs better than our competitors


What We believe

The customer is our future. If the customer benefits we benefit

We must build upon our culture of continuous improvement

We must develop our internal environment which encourages openness, innovation, personal fulfilment and individual responsibilities