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Product Data

  Part Number
Height (inch) 24.0
Width (inch) 20.0
Depth (inch) 19.0
Weight(lbs) 78
Voltage 110
Phase 1
Frequency(Hz) 60
Power(kW) 0.88
Current(A) 7
Airflow(cfm) 360
Noise Level(dba) 57
Effective Volume(ft3) 8,369
Typical Extraction(ppd) 56
Min Operating Temp (°F) 33
Max OperatingTemp (°F) 95
  Part Number
On/Off Switch Y
Electronic Defrost Timer Y
Temperature Sensative Defrost Y
Compressor Type Rotary
Moulded Mains Plug Y
Colapsable HandleY
Semi-Pnumatic Shock Absorbing Tyres Y
Hours Run Meter Y
Hot Gas Defrost Y
Integral Condensate Pump Y
Pump Purge Switch Y
Quick Release Hose Coupling Y
Refrigerant Type R407c
Cable Wrap Facility Y
Quiet Operation Y
Washable AiIr Filter Y
Stoved Epoxy Finish Y
All Steel Construction Y
Part Number Description Qty
10240KP-US Dehumidifier 1
3086144 Quick release hose coupling 1
3944110 PVC tube - 3/8" I/D 7.8m
TPC303 Manual 1
Part Number Description
None None
  Part Number
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Schematic
Spare Parts List


The EIPL KOMPACT Professional Dehumidifier is the ideal unit for commercial work. Its compact size permits one-man operation, yet it has the capacity to handle several room-size areas at a time. Best of all, it’s affordably priced within the budget of most restoration specialists.

Key Design Features

Washable Air filter for easy maintenance,Rugged wheels with shock absorbing semi-pneumatic tires, Collapsible Handle for easy transport,Integral condensate pump capable of 20’ vertical lift, Hours Run Meter providing accurate run time measurements, High efficiency rotary compressor, Extra long power cord (16’), Extra long drain hose (25’), EIPL’s unique “Hot Gas” defrosting feature which atomatically melts away frost buildup providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures, Rugged, epoxy powder-coated steel chassis and housing, Simplicity of installation and operation with a standard 115V plug.

Proven Performance

The EIPL KOMPACT Professional Dehumidifier is a rugged, yet mobile piece of equipment that will operate under extreme conditions and pull large amounts of moisture from the air. Whenever there is a need for fast dependable, energy-efficient drying, EIPL can provide the answer. The high efficiency Rotary compressor ensures the maximum extraction with the lowest running costs.

The Problem

EIPL is a recognized world wide supplier of flood restoration drying equipment. We offer a variety of dehumidifiers and air movers to remove water and assist with drying areas after water damage. Following a flood, whether it is in your basement or office, it’s vitally important to restore the damaged area to good order as soon as possible to protect your health from microorganisms, mold and bacteria that may grow and ultimately prevent further damage. Whether it is a flash flood, hurricane, heavy rains or water main break, EIPL has the equipment to handle the harshest environments and assist with proper restoration.