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  The LD3000 is a packaged drying system for the wood retailer or other craftsman who require quality kiln dried
  wood. The unit is complete and ready for installation into a home built drying chamber. The LD3000 has been
 designed to operate effectively at low humidity levels therefore you can be certain that your wood is thoroughly
dried to the moisture content you need, as low as 6%.

 SAVE MONEY                                                       PERFORMANCE

 Typically, green lumber costs less than half the price of        The LD3000 is a high performance drying unit designed
 kiln dried supplies. Considerable savings in lumber buying       to extract maximum water at the lowest cost. It operates
 costs can be made by installing you own drying system.           at temperatures up to 122˚F/50˚C. The best compromise
Even after an allowance has been made for modest running          between drying speed and reliability insures the dried
costs, users usually recover their investment within a few        wood is of the highest quality. EIPL recommends a drying
months of installation.                                           rate of 1% per day or less when drying 1” hardwood.
                                                                  Faster drying is attainable with operating experience. The
IMPROVE QUALITY                                                   LD3000 is a practical machine for practical people. Loads
                                                                  of mixed species and board thicknesses can be dried
Being sure your wood is thoroughly dried means that you           together. Inventories can be reduced and the output of
are confident in the stability of you finished product. No        dried wood matched exactly to your needs.
 more bowed table tops, warped doors or cracked joints
 translate into happier customers and increased profits.          CONTROL

 INDEPENDENCE                                                     The LD3000 drying unit is controlled by the STC1
                                                                  Controller. To operate the system two controls are set
   Owning a drying system gives you flexibility to dry what       at the beginning of the drying run, in accordance with
    you want, when you want it. Your options when buying          our drying instructions. Kiln operation is then virtually
     wood are increased and you dependence on others for          automatic.

      quality dry wood is reduced. You gain independence          The STC1 Controller is housed in a moisture resistant
       because the entry level moisture content of your lumber    casing fitted with a transparent hinged front cover.
        is no longer an issue.                                    An electronic thermometer measures the chamber
                                                                  temperature and displays this information on the control
       RUNNING COSTS                                              box where it can be monitored by the operator.

             The LD3000 is inexpensive to operate when            AIRFLOW
              installed in a well insulated drying chamber. The
                                                                  Air movement is critical in the dehumidification process.
                LD3000 may consume just 1.2Kw of energy           The two supplemental fans insure an even flow of the dry
                  each hour of continuous running. The big        warm air throughout the stack.

                    dollars you have been spending for others to  DRYING CHAMBER
                      dry your wood are reduced to just pennies
                        a day.                                    The unit is installed in a home built drying chamber
                                                                  typically constructed from exterior grade plywood and
                                                                  an insulation material. EIPL will recommend the best
                                                                  construction method and the most suitable chamber
                                                                  dimensions for you needs. To minimize chamber
                                                                  construction costs the drying unit has been designed
                                                                  to occupy a minimum amount of space. The unit’s slim
                                                                  design is wall mounted at a ceiling height. This enables
                                                                  the operator to inspect the whole length of the lumber
                                                                  stack without an allowance being necessary for access
                                                                  past the dryer. For ease of installation brackets are
                                                                  supplied with the dryer which are first attached to the
                                                                  chamber wall. The unit is then lifted into position and

                                                                   secured using the hardware supplied.

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