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       The MF2 and MF4 are rugged, reliable wood drying
      systems designed for the larger wood retailer or
     sawmill needing regular supplies of thoroughly dried
    wood with minimal delay. The units can be installed
   singularly or in multiples to provide drying capacity to
   match any need.


 The rigid tough frames are designed to cope with drying
chamber conditions. Specially treated heat exchangers
are used to prevent corrosion when drying species
containing concentrations of acids, notably Oak.

EFFICIENCY                                                            PERFORMANCE (CONT’D)

EIPL MF2 and MF4 wood dryers are installed inside the                 The design of both the MF2 and MF4 allows each
drying chamber. This means that all the heat produced                 unit to operate effectively at low relative humidity
as a by product of the drying functions can be recovered              levels. This means that you can be sure your wood
 and re-used continually throughout the drying run.                   is thoroughly dried to low moisture contents, 6% if
 Running costs are, therefore, low, improving your                    required.

  profitability by reducing costs.

COMPACTNESS                                                           EXPANDABLE

 Space inside the drying chamber is at a premium, so                  If you need for dried wood grows, so can your drying
  the MF2 and MF4 dryers are slim in shape to allow                   system. Users can start with a single MF unit and add
  maximum space for the wood being dried.                             more later. This arrangement means less strain on
                                                                      your cash flow without the danger of installing a drying
   PERFORMANCE                                                        system which becomes too small.

       The MF2 and MF4 dryers incorporate design                      CONTROL
        features which will optimize operation in the
                                                                      MF2 and MF4 wood drying systems are controlled
          temperature range up to 140˚F (60˚C). At                    by the EIPL MCU modular controllers, including
            this temperature the wood will release it’s               microprocessor driven, fully programmable systems.
             moisture quickly and in safety. Operation at             This means that drying is accurately controlled, and
               significantly higher temperatures requires             you can be certain of high quality dried wood.
                 specialized refrigerants and inevitably
                   frequent servicing. EIPL wood dryers               FULL FEATURE SYSTEMS
                     therefore, operate in the temperature
                        range which is the best compromise            In addition to the basic drying and heating functions,
                          between drying speed and                    MF systems can incorporate a number of optional
                                                     machine          features from the EIPL range of supplementary
                                                        reliability.  equipment.

                                                                      To minimize further the modest running costs of MF
                                                                      units, drying chambers should be well insulated.
                                                                      Overheating in warm weather is prevented using
                                                                      the EIPL venting unit.

                                                                      To ensure even distribution of heat throughout the
                                                                      woodstack, it is necessary to install supplementary
                                                                      fans inside the drying chamber. EIPL can supply

                                                                        suitable fans from a range of specially selected

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